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RD1 heat 39 A Game of Cat and Mice

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    Posted: 27 Jul 2016 at 4:41am
This is way late but I never got around to posting it, so here it is (hopefully)
Hmmm, well it's here, but I've know idea why it's doing this. I'm putting it up anyway. I'll work out how to do it properly, and beg your forgiveness Confused

A Game Of Cat and Mice

Heat 39, Ghost Story, Kidnapper , Horoscope

Two inept kidnappers hold a strange little girl to ransom and are tormented by the ghost of her nanny and a cat.

EXT NIGHT A car parked in a quiet, remote location, thick with trees, no street lights, no houses. There is a dim light coming from the dashboard, illuminating a man in the drivers seat. INT. CAR NIGHT AARON approx 30 years-old, fit and wiry, casually dressed. A woman's voice reads the news over the car radio. He raises a bloodied, bandaged hand to the rear-vision mirror and adjusts it to examine the deep scratches down the left side of his face. NEWSREADER WOMAN'S VOICE (OS) Police are continuing their investigation into the suspected kidnapping of KAITLYN CELESTE, the 5 year-old daughter of CASSANDRA CELESTE, celebrity Astrologer to the Stars. Police, and the girl's parents, are appealing to anyone with information to come forward. Police are also requesting information to do with the whereabouts of the girl's Nanny, 35 year-old MARY LENNARD, who has been without contact since the girls disappearance yesterday afternoon.
AARON adjusts the rear-vision mirror to see the reflected body of MARY LENNARD, lying on the backseat. Her neck is obviously broken. On top of her is the dead body of a large, white cat.
EXT DAY LUXURY SUBURBAN HOME The home of CASSANDRA CELESTE and her husband DAVID. The house is expensive, suburban. There are a number of cars parked in the normally quiet street, including some police cars. INT HOUSE DAY A number of police officers are milling about the large living room, monitoring surveillance equipment etc. CASSANDRA CELESTE, attractive, impeccably groomed, in her late 30's, is perched on the edge of the couch. She seems distraught. Her husband DAVID, maybe ten years older, is seated next to 1 her. He looks in shock. DETECTIVE ELI, in his early 50s, is seated opposite them on a lounge chair. SERGEANT FRANCIS, female, early 40s, sympathetic, is seated on another lounge chair, looking on. On a coffee table between the Detective and the parents is a number of astrological charts that CASSANDRA has been pouring over, looking for answers. DETECTIVE ELI Miss CELESTE, we've been through all this but there maybe something that has been overlooked. CASSANDRA Mary's been with us since KATIE was a baby. We trust her with our daughter everyday... they've been inseparable for the past four and a half years. I can't believe she could be involved in this. It's just not possible. DETECTIVE ELI I'm afraid at this stage, she is our prime suspect. CASSANDRA But I know her, Detective. You may not believe in what I do, and trust me, the irony is not lost on me...that I, I failed,...oh god, I failed my baby girl.... (she becomes more emotional but manages to control herself) ...but I know this woman. A chart to an astrologer is like a photograph of someone: past, present, and future. I chose MARY because of her horoscope. The bond between her and my daughter is unique and incredibly strong. We're not talking tabloid horoscopes here. (pauses) This is not Mary's doing. There's something wrong but I just can't see it. DETECTIVE ELI People change, Miss CELESTE. Money changes people. When Mary started working for you things weren't as promising as they are now - television, books, and tours. CASSANDRA CELESTE, Astrologer To The Stars, and her daughter, are worth more than they were four years ago. 2 SERGEANT FRANCIS I'm sure you know to contact us if anything should come to you. Family she may have, places from her past. And we're watching all your lines of communication. I'm sure we'll hear something soon. EXT. SAME HOUSE DAY DETECTIVE ELI and SERGEANT FRANCIS walk down the front steps of the home of CASSANDRA CELESTE. DETECTIVE ELI (to SERGEANT FRANCIS) If you ever believed in astrology, I bet you don't now. DAVID appears behind them at the door. DAVID Detective Eli! There is something that might be worth mentioning. DETECTIVE ELI Yes, Mr Celesete? DAVID (HUSBAND) It's Harmon, actually. (cont) About two months ago, Mary had a visit from a cousin, some redneck, backwoods kinda guy. Harry,... or Ari?...AARON, or something? His mother, her aunt I guess, had died and he wanted her to know. I don't know if it means anything...just a thought. She didn't seem to have anything in common with this guy. (pauses) She really only had us, and her cat; we're her family. She's devoted to KATIE. I know my wife says the bond between MARY and KATIE is strong, but it truly is something special. DETECTIVE ELI Thank you very much Mr Celes, err, Harmon. We'll follow it up. If you think of details, please let us know. EXT DAY RURAL Isolated and somewhat derelict-looking, older house, set in a rural location. The car from earlier opening shot is parked in a shed a short distance from the house. INT DAY KITCHEN OF SAME HOUSE 3 AARON and his brother CARL are talking. AARON looks like he has just walked in. His face is still bloodied and his clothes are dirty. CARL is younger, and much bigger and stronger. He seems anxious. On a kitchen table is an assortment of groceries, a cell phone, a gun, and two cartoon-character Halloween masks: Jerry Mouse from Tom and Jerry, and Minnie Mouse with a red, polka dot bow on its ear. AARON How's the kid? CARL She's weird. Keeps talking to herself. AARON All little kids are weird. You were. CARL I'm just going to take her in some sandwiches and chocolate milk. All kids like chocolate milk, right?... Man, that looks painful. AARON It is f**king painful. Now put your stupid mask on and feed the kid. CARL Yeah, that's something else; why do I have to be the girl? AARON Because you are the girl, numb nuts. If you wanna wear mine, go ahead. Carl picks up the Jerry mask and sees the blood on the inside from Aron's wound. He puts it back down, and picks up the Minnie mask. INT. ANOTHER PART OF THE HOUSE. TWILIGHT CARL stands outside the door where KATIE is being kept. He stops to listen before opening the door and can hear her TALKING quietly. He thinks he can hear another OLDER FEMALE VOICE. He opens the door. KATIE is alone. KATIE small, calm, and cheerful. She appears unharmed and unfazed by her circumstances. 4 She is sitting on a mattress: she has her favorite blanket, a pillow and a backpack with some of her possessions. She is busy with a sketchbook and crayons, and is happily humming and scribbling a picture. CARL stands in front of her with a tray of food. CARL I've brought you some sandwiches and some chocolate milk. KATIE I don't like chocolate milk (KATIE suddenly looks to the left and just behind CARL. She seems to nod slightly, she looks back at CARL and continues,) Sorry, Nanny always says to use manners. (she continues in a sing-song voice) Thank you CARL What're you looking at? KATIE No one. (she giggles) It's a secret. CARL puts the tray down and looks around the room. He notices a toy stuffed cat next to the girl. He's confused; he hasn't noticed it before. It is quite large. He is increasingly more uncomfortable. CARL Where did you get that from? KATIE Nanny gave it to me. She goes back to her drawing. She isn't really interested in her food. She looks up and offers CARL a sheet of paper KATIE Look, I've done a picture for you. CARL takes the crayon drawing of two figures with mouse heads, standing either side of very, large cat. One of the mouse heads has Minnie's red polka dot bow. CARL (taking the picture from her) 5 Thanks KATIE (she points at the drawing) See, that's Jerry, and there's Puss. And that's you, with the bow. INT. DISUSED KITCHEN NIGHT AARON is standing at the sink, washing his wounds. His left hand is uncovered; it, too, is covered in deep gouges. He is using his reflection in the window to look at the cuts on his face. As he leans forward to the running water, we see the reflection of MARY standing behind him. As he stands to look at himself again he glimpses something. He quickly turns but he is alone. He goes back to what he is doing and we see the cell phone illuminate and vibrate as if it has just turned on. CARL walks in to the room. He looks at his brother and tries to offer some help. CARL I've got some band aids AARON (irritated) Jesus, CARL,are they magic band aids? Reckon they might fix this sh*t? CARL is leaning against a kitchen bench. He is looking uncomfortable. CARL AARON, you know I didn't mean to do it. It just happened. I grabbed her, I didn't mean to...I just grabbed her wrong. I didn't mean to hurt her. You believe me, ARRY, don't you? AARON Yeah, I know. (pauses) Don't worry, I've taken care of it. I've dumped her and the cat out in the well at the old Thompkin's farm. No one's been out there for years, as far as I can tell. AARON starts to put a clean bandage on his hand. AARON CONT'D 6 I sent a ransom note from her phone. Everyone will think she's taken the kid. Tomorrow, we should be right. In a few days, this will be over and we'll be long gone. AARON looks at his brother. CARL is looking at the floor. AARON CONT'D Don't worry about it. She was probably a bitch anyway. Her f**king cat sure was. Go to bed, get some sleep. INT NIGHT DERELICT HOUSE CARL is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Something wakes him. He senses a movement in the dark, he hears the sound of a BELL ON A CAT COLLAR. He grabs a flashlight, shines it around but he sees nothing. Suddenly there's a movement in the curtain. He hears the GUTTURAL GROWL OF A CAT. CARL ARRY!!! THE CAT!! The cat's here!! AARON comes in. AARON Shut up you idiot!! You're having a bloody nightmare. Jeez, you could wake the dead! CARL I saw it - there , in the curtain. heard it too, the little bell. AARON It's just your imagination. That cat is long dead and the body's miles from here. Just settle down, you're over tired. CARL I'm gonna look, reckon you brought it back here. AARON Aw go head...I'm getting some sleep. CARL goes into the kitchen and picks up the gun. He slowly moves through the interior of the house, going from room to room. 7 He stands outside KATIE'S room and listens. There is a faint sound of a LULLABY; it is a WOMAN'S VOICE, and then, a muffled sound of the CAT's BELL. He quietly pulls a chair over to the door and looks in through the transom window above the door. He can see the girl sleeping. She is using a flashlight as a night light. Gun at the ready, he quietly goes into KATIE'S room and leaves the door open behind him. The room is well lit by moonlight and the torch, no curtains on the windows. He looks around. KATIE's flashlight is casting a shadow of the toy cat against one wall. The shadow of the CAT towers over CARL. There is no sign of anyone else in the room. Katie is sleeping heavily, the toy cat next to her. He goes over to look at the toy cat, crouches down and reaches out to touch it and is SUDDENLY SCRATCHED on the back of his hand. He falls backwards, and looks around. He sees a flash of a large white CAT run out the door. He scrambles to his feet and follows. CARL runs into AARON in the hallway. AARON (EXASPERATED) What the f**k are you doing? CARL Did you see it? The cat! It just ran passed you! I told you! The cat, ARRY, the f**kin' cats in here. AARON Jesus Christ Carl..will you AARON is interrupted by the sound of the CAT BELL, a faint MEOW. AARON CONTINUES f**k me, what was that? CARL I told you, I told you it's the cat. Look! it scratched me! AARON Can't be. Must be some other cat. 8 (thinks) That's OK. Killed one cat this week; I can kill another. CARL makes sure the door to Katie's room is closed, and turns to go towards the kitchen. LIVING ROOM AARON heads in to the living room and picks up a poker from the fireplace. AARON Here kitty, kitty! Puss? Puss? He hears the CAT MEOW. The tinkle of the BELL. He sees a flash of white CAT as it darts through the door. He takes a swipe with the poker but he misses. He follows. KITCHEN CARL is in the kitchen. He hears the guttural sound of a CAT GROWLING. CARL can't work out where the sound is coming from and he turns and turns. There's noise and movement at the door, he spins around to face it and sees the blurred flash of a CAT leaping. At the same time AARON steps in through the door and CARL FIRES THE GUN and shoots AARON in the thigh. AARON stumbles against the doorway. He grabs at his leg as the blood pulses out the femoral artery. He's in shock, angry and frightened. AARON You shot me!! You bloody shot me! I can't believe you did shot me. He starts to slide down to the floor. CARL ARRY, oh god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. AARON You keep saying that, you stupid STUPID BASTARD. Look what you've done. YOU f**kING SHOT ME!!! (we hear MARY LAUGHING quietly, the sound of the CAT) 9 CARL steps forward to help his brother; slips in the pooling blood and falls back, hitting the back of his head on the table on the way down, breaking his neck. Aaron bleeding profusely and growing pale, looks up as the apparition of MARY LENNARD, appears, holding the large white cat. AARON POV MARY looks at him and smiles as his vision fades. We hear the CAT PURRING. FADE to Black. EXT RURAL HOUSE DAY Police cars surround the old derelict house. INT. DAY DISUSED KITCHEN The bodies of CARL and AARON are lying in a pool of blood. DETECTIVE ELI and SARGENT FRANCIS walk in carefully, stepping around the bodies. SERGEANT FRANCIS Jesus, what a bloody mess. DETECTIVE ELI She's this way! She's fine! SARGENT FRANCIS follows DETECTIVE ELI and goes into the room where KATIE was being held captive. SARGENT FRANCIS goes up to the child and bends down. KATIE is sitting up, holding her toy cat. She looks tired but in good health. SERGEANT FRANCIS Hello, sweetheart. KATIE, is it? Are you alright? KATIE Yes, I'm tired, but I'm OK. Nanny looked after me. SERGEANT FRANCIS (TO DETECTIVE ELI) Any sign? DETECTIVE ELI We found her phone, but no sign of her. (shrugs) SERGEANT FRANCIS Come on KATIE, lets get you back to mommy. SARGENT FRANCIS picks up KATIE and starts to carry her out of the room. KATIE reaches out her hands and calls out, 10 KATIE Puss! Puss! DETECTIVE ELI turns around and looks, sees the large stuffed cat and picks it up, looks it in the face. DETECTIVE ELI (TALKING TO THE TOY) Come on Puss, you'd better come too. He carries it out the room, following KATIE and SARGENT FRANCIS FADE TO BLACK THE END

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